Hair 911 Tips!!!

  1. Don’t keep rubber bands in the hair overnight.
  2. Rotate hairstyles so that one area isn’t always receiving traction. For example, do a ponytail one day, braids the next,and then leave it loose with a head band for a day or two.
  3. Use a plastic comb rather than a brush to prevent static electricity from  building on the hair as it dries. Static electricity will make the hair stand up with more exposure to the elements like sun, heat, and wind.
  4. Use a good conditioner to make Child hair slide more easily when you’re combing out knots. For longer hair, use detangling agents along with a good conditioner to minimize the formation of knots in the first place. As with adult hair, always start at the end of the hair and work toward the scalp, not the other direction. (Hardly anyone does this properly, but now you know!) When  working on knots, hold Child hair between the ends and the scalp tightly in one hand as you comb the hair so that the child doesn’t feel the pain of the comb pulling on the hair.
  5. Never back comb the hair, as this is guaranteed to damage children’s delicate hair shafts.
  6. How to remove gum from Hair